Norris Financial Group 401k Advantages

Norris Financial Group® offers Advantages of plan sponsors and participants that can’t be found anywhere else.

Norris Financial Group® is an independent Registered Investment Advisory firm in the state of South Carolina. As an independent advisor, NFG provides advantages of complete control of the products and services it chooses to offer in the qualified plan design. We use what we believe are the preeminent options in plan design, investment opportunities, and administrative services.

Qualified plan design is the foundation for establishing a well functioning plan that meets the needs of the plan participants and the plan sponsor. NFG will provide an analysis of alternative plan design arrangements in order to achieve the maximum efficiency of plan offerings. Detailed studies of funding alternatives will allow the plan sponsor to tailor the plan to the specific needs of the employer. Key employee benefit structures within the guidelines of ERISA can assure your plan accomplishes your goals while meeting your fiduciary responsibilities.

As a Registered Investment Advisor, Norris Financial Group® and its advisor representatives can offer a managed portfolio approach. The professionally managed portfolios are designed with an emphasis on risk management and return expectations. For the participant who would like a professional advisor to make their selections, monitoring those selections, and managing them on an ongoing basis, this approach will fit the bill.

Employee education is important to a high participation rate in a qualified plan. Contributory plans put the burden on the employee to make his or her investment selections. A well designed educational approach by qualified investment advisors will be highly appreciated by all plan participants. The education approach can be tailored to meet the needs of the individual plan. Live training, as well as video instruction, can help assure that your participants will understand their options and know how to choose them wisely.

The lasting hallmark of any plan offering is service. NFG advisors are available to answer questions from plan participants on an as-needed basis. We will also schedule regular review times with the plan sponsor and ensure them in our advantages. The employer review will assist the plan sponsor in meeting their fiduciary responsibilities for plan oversight. NFG representatives will also provide regular and ongoing participant meetings to review investment performance and advice on market conditions.

One of the most overlooked areas of plan design is the actual expense charges related to investment vehicles. Recently, contributory plans have come under intensified scrutiny due to burdensome expense charges. These underlying expense charges eat into the real returns of the participants. Because NFG is an independent firm, we have sought out the plan offerings that we believe will provide value, diversification, and low expense charges. It is our desire to offer the best quality plan in the retirement plan space. We will assist the plan sponsor in controlling costs and providing a quality offering and it will be good advantages for the sponsor.

The administration of your qualified plan is a vital element of offering a successful and user-friendly platform. The use of a local administrator can be a valuable resource in plan design and implementation. If you have a challenging problem with administration, it is helpful to have the administrator sitting across from your desk, rather than 3,000 miles away.

One Life® Wealth Management is our firm’s proprietary approach to life planning. It was developed to provide individuals with financial, physical, and emotional confidence, before and during retirement. This unique process is a valuable resource for the participant and the company. It gives the company the confidence that their employees have a departure plan that will one day help provide for a successful retirement.