OneLife® Portfolio Management


OneLife® Portfolio Management focuses on implementing your personalized investment strategy. This strategy is one that is either developed from our OneLife® Comprehensive Planning process or created through goal based conversations between client and advisor(s). This service focuses on maximizing the growth of your investable assets while minimizing the risk that your assets are subjected to.

It is important to know that we are not a “Buy and Hold” investment firm. It is our belief that there are times to “buy and hold” and times to be protective, entering and exiting positions at opportune market levels in order to capture gains and/or avoid losses. Since our OneLife® Portfolio Management clients do not pay commissions or transaction costs we can do this without a conflict of interest. We stand waiting for the next “buy and hold” market, and will welcome it with open arms. Until then our strategies will be focused on protected growth.


OneLife® Comprehensive Planning

Comprehensive and strategic planning is integral to understanding your current financial condition and realistically projecting your future outcomes.  Developing strategies that fit your unique circumstances is imperative to creating and implementing a practical plan that fits your lifestyle.

Comprehensive planning begins with a thorough review and analysis of your current financial condition, including your needs, goals, and objectives. This review helps discover and recognize the strong, average, and weak components of your current and projected financial health. Ultimately, these exercises create the foundation from which we will establish and implement strategies to help provide confidence in your future. This is an evolving process, as attitudes, circumstances, and objectives can change as time goes by. We strive to maintain a current, up-to-date outlook of your financial condition by aggregating available account values and continuously monitoring the strategies in place.

Comprehensive planning is a team effort requiring an on-going dialogue and coordination between the client and advisor.  Without the dedication and commitment of both parties, the plan can become ineffective.

Additional Benefits of Comprehensive Planning:
* Annual, Bi-Annual, or On-Request Reviews, Analysis, or Simulations
* Financial Decision Assistance/Simulation
* Monte Carlo Probability Testing
* Quarterly Financial Condition Reports
* Monthly Economic Updates
* Encrypted and Secure Personal Platform to view your entire Financial Overview


OneLife® Insurance Services

Life Insurance

From our experience, we have found that Life Insurance is an extremely important component of Wealth Management, Accumulation, and Retention. The ability to transfer risk and protect your family against unexpected tragedy is second to none.

Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance is probably the most overlooked and yet one of the most necessary types of coverage available. Disability policies are primarily aimed at working individuals in an effort to supplement their income should they become disabled.

Long Term Care

With the astronomical increase in Health Care related costs, LTC Insurance can be an incremental element of Wealth Management, Accumulation, and Retention and has become increasingly vital over the past couple of decades. LTC Insurance can provide assistance with activities of daily living, or functional routines that relate to one’s ability to live independently.

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