Corporate Benefits

The Corporate Benefit planning division of our practice offers benefits to plan sponsors and participants that can’t be found anywhere else. At Norris Financial Group, we give you the freedom to choose the retirement plan that is right for you. As an independent firm we have access to a wide variety of retirement plan custodians and platforms. We are not restricted in our selections, which allows us to choose the best platform and avoid conflicts of interest.

We have the ability under section 404(c) to provide 3(21) and/or 3(38) fiduciary services to the plan. Utilizing these options allows us to share the responsbility associated with selecting the investments for the plan.
Norris Financial Group® (NFG) provides analysis of alternative plan designs in order to meet the needs of the participants and plan sponsor.Hidden investment expenses eat into participant returns. NFG® attempts to offer the highest quality investment options with a focus on keeping costs down. We will assist the plan sponsor in controlling costs and providing transparency.
Participant Education is tailored to meet the needs of each plan. Ongoing testing is provided to confirm that each participant has a working knowledge of their current investment options and responsibilities.
As a Registered Investment Advisor, NFG® offers Self Directed Accounts (SDAs) for participants who prefer to have a professional making their investment selections on an ongoing basis.
NFG® offers comprehensive planning services to qualified participants at a discounted rate. This proprietary service is a valuable resource to both the participant and company.